Gulde Line

UoH, Hyderabad, India
Dec 15-17, 2009


...this winter, India's biggest annual gathering of linguists comes to Hyderabad, congregating in the pristine verdancy of the University of Hyderabad. If you have a history with linguistics, or want a future in it, this is the place to be.


welcome to the 31st aicl!

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world," said Ludwig. And so, yes, linguists are forever challenging the limits - of communication, of culture, of brotherhood. And capturing the latest advances each year is the AICL.

The 31st AICL is being organized by the Linguistic Society of India at the University of Hyderabad in Hyderabad, during Dec 15-17, 2009, simultaneously with ICON 2009. The co-sponsors are:
Papers (in English) are invited on all aspects of linguistics, with particular focus on South Asian issues and languages.


news & updates

28th Aug 2009: The 31st AICL now has a dedicated website. If you are reading this, you are already on it. Bookmark this page now, to follow the latest on the AICL.


21st July 2009: AICL 2009 and ICON 2009 will be held in parallel at the same venue with the facility of registrants at one conference being allowed to freely attend the proceedings of the other.


important dates

Intention of participation
Sending of abstract (1-3 pages)
Intimation of acceptance


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    Prof G Uma Maheshwar Rao
    Head, Centre for Applied Linguistics & Translation Studies (CALTS)
    University of Hyderabad